[dropcaps] T [/dropcaps] he strong united and spiritual established Church, the strong hold of Saints, meant and used to dismantle and destroy the tower of Satan and powers of principalities of darkness got broken into pieces. It got  broken like the Roman Empire. The first split came from the Adam and Eve of the society due to both remote and immediate causes, which cannot be completely elaborated in this print due to its extensiveness and time factor.

The praying band affected by the Schisms between the Adam and Eve also broke into two factions each led by principal figures. Not long after, trouble began between Pa Orimolade and Elder E. A. Davies and more sections were created. This was the beginning of the relegation of the Church. The self acclaimed prophets and ministers deviated from the set goals of the promoter.

At the early stage the divisions include:

  1. Baba Aladura’s (Moses Orimolade) branch led by Pa Orimolade himself.
  2. Captain Abiodun’s branch led by Captain Christianah Abiodun Emmanuel.
  3. Praying band at Ita Balogun section led by Elder E. A. Davies.
  4. Holy Flock of Christ led by Major A. B. Lawrence.
  5. Mount Zion – Ebutte Metta led by Elder Onanuga
  6. Hotonou branch Lagos Nigeria led by Ifemade.
  7. Inabere street Lagos Nigeria branch led by E. A. Dada
  8. Marcathy street Lagos Nigeria branch led by G. A. Ogunyadi

A critical look at the above shows  they are all from Lagos (Nigeria, West Africa). But now the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs of Nigeria has about 35 Cherubim and Seraphim Churches recorded as active within Nigeria. Many still exist but not registered while more would have been registered after the aforementioned figure. Honestly speaking most Elders would not comment at all on fact that Pa Moses Orimolade cursed the church saying “Division shall never seized or end amidst you” but  it looks really true because the division is o much and still continuous. The division is motivated by the vaulting ambition of many of the leaders. The honor, prestige and power accorded the leadership in Cherubim & Seraphim churches are so much that everybody wants to be one. The result is the thousands of Alakoso, Baba Aladuras, primate founders, Oloris, General Overseers etc.

Cherubim & Seraphim today is characterized by:

  • Thousands of Leaders.
  • Thousands of Prophets and Prophetesses wandering the streets, bar beach, mountains and wilderness.
  • Thousands of Prophets not called but out of laziness become founders (founders syndrome Plc).
  • Inability of most of the Leaders to stand the test of time due to illiteracy and skills to improve themselves.
  • Love of money leading to the use of diabolical means popularly called “ETO” instead of Divine directives and prayer.
  • The use of colored dresses to harass the callers.
  • The use of colored and image candles, slaughtering of fowls, goats, and pigeons and sacrifice that makes us look very muck like idol worshippers.
  • Commercialization of Christ at the expense of the primary assignment given to us by Jesus Christ in Mark 16:15 i.e. Evangelism.

Fortunately in the late hours of Cherubim & Seraphim Church, God interceded and a unification of Cherubim & Seraphim Church started.  This is a positive move toward the right direction. All efforts directed to unite the Cherubim & Seraphim Churches from September 1929 had a fruitful result in September 1972. Many of the registered Cherubim & Seraphim Churches are to be members of the unification so that there would be a uniform practice and worship order.