The Cherubim & Seraphim may be classified as a Pentecostal Church; that is not one of the Orthodox Churches. To understand the doctrine of the cherubim and Seraphim on matter of doctrine, we need to remind ourselves that Cherubim and Seraphim did not start as a Church. Cherubim and Seraphim in its early years did not anticipate that it would ever become a Church. It began as a gathering which draws considerable interest from members of the Orthodox Church. It aimed at reviving the Spiritual life of Christian and making them more committed to their confessed principle and ideals. “The movement was not opposed to the doctrines of the Orthodox Church but directed its effort to the ideal of serving God in holiness and truth consequently when it later became a Church, it has no systematic doctrines of its own but the basic doctrines of the Christian Church became its doctrines. Its theology therefore, is basically biblical theology and doctrines are Orthodox in nature and character but with some special emphasis.

The biblical teaching of Cherubim and Seraphim was about Salvation of the Soul and Godly living; Divine powers were taught to be used for saving Souls only not for  material gains. There is the Supremacy of the good God, but witches and wizards formed the main obstacles to men and women in getting the good things provided by God, and so many worship services were devoted to battling these servants of Satan.

One of the many nagging questions the present leaders of the Cherubim and Seraphim Churches at large are called upon to answer is what was the vision of the church at her founding in 1925. While this question appears simple enough, unfortunately it is not sincerely asked, but is only a product of the cynicism to which current generation have been turned when considering Christian religious sects founded by African.  The question arises from association with many Churches springing up all over the place. Most of these new Churches have been infected and like the colonial experience, they develop mentality that influenced their values and judgement. To these people it is almost unthinkable and definitely unbelievable that an African Church could be founded based on Devine Vision. As in other aspects of our National growth and development in Africa, these new converts are so much indoctrinated to appreciate and prefer foreign values and consider everything of Nigerians or Africans as inferior. To them the older religious groups are not only orthodox but had no Devine Vision. It is impossible for these “miracle wonder Churches” to comprehend that the Church was founded mainly with Vision and clear Mission.

The History

The Church “Cherubim & Seraphim” was formed in Heaven and entrusted into the hands of late our father St. Moses Orimolade Tunolase. His father Tunolase was from Oshodi compound at Okorun Street in Ikare Akoko District.

Tunolase was from the ruling house of Sakunmi in Okorun quarters in Ikare. His mother was Odijorotan Omohewo from Edo of Ido Malara, but later became Abigael when Baptized.

C & S Today

The strong united and spiritual established Church, the strong hold of Saints, meant and used to dismantle and destroy the tower of Satan and powers of principalities of darkness got broken into pieces. It got  broken like the Roman Empire.

The first split came from the Adam and Eve of the society due to both remote and immediate causes, which cannot be completely elaborated in this print due to its extensiveness and time factor.

C & S Tomorrow

The men of Jericho said to Elijah “Behold the situation of this city is pleasant as my Lord sees; but the water is bad…” 2 King 2:19-22 (Let somebody read). (John 6:26).

Cherubim & Seraphim Church can be likened to the City of Jericho that is pleasant but had bad water and unfruitful land.