Our Cardinal Doctrines…


It is important that we are conversant with the reasons for our wearing white garments for worship to be in position to answer our critics on the subject. We cannot ignore the mounting attack on us about wearing white garment by the new miracle wonder Churches. We must however answer these critics with love and understanding and not hate or malice. This is why we need the knowledge as to why we wear white garments for our worship. We should not allow ourselves to be put on the defensive, but should be forth coming with cogent reasons and justifications why we put on white for our worship.

The Cherubim and Seraphim Church came into being through Revelation from God. The compound name is the product of the group of Angels around the throne. It was revealed to the founder that these Angels are always clad in white robe, so the society on earth must dress like them, The vision is supported by the Bible Rev. 3:4-5, Matt. 17:2, Daniel 7:9, Rev. 7:13-17, Isaiah 1: 18-20, Rev 6:11, Matthew 28:3.

We do not believe visions which contradict the Bible. We see that white garment is for the Saints, the Angels and of our Lord Jesus in His Glory. White is a symbol of purity, holiness and peace which true believers are to be . We called it “prayer gown” because it is Sanctified for use for prayer and when we appear before the Lord. God is a Holy God, deserving honor and highest regard. Believe it or not, it is an insult on God to appear before him with the dress you take to party, office and which you wear to do some filty things. Men and materials entering the house of the Lord must be sactified. We are not saying that prayer will not be answered without white robes. Holy unto the Lord is that which is seperated unto him. Like the Bible says; is the symbol of the righteousness of the Saint (Rev 19:8). “Can any believer in his right senses pray not to wear white garment in Heaven?”.

The Bible equated white to light; Jesus Christ is also the light of the world (John 8:12). The Bible also shows white as a sign of Holiness, it is an undeniable fact that all those who have seen angels have seen them in white raiment. The Cherubim & Seraphim Church bears the name of heavenly hosts and therefore wear white in imitation. (Rev. 3:4, 3:18, 7:13-14, 19:2)
The book of Revelation is a movie of what is to come and the settings in heaven; it used the white raiment as the garment of the victorious. Isaiah 1: 18 confirmed that the Lord can exchange our hopeless banner of sin for snow-white raiment. Rev. 3:4 confirmed that those who walk with Christ shall do so in white; Rev. 3:5 informed us that white is the garment of overcomers, Rev. 3:18 stated that you are yet to be clothed unless you are clothed in white garment, Rev. 7:14 made it clear that it is only the blood of Jesus that can cleanse us of our sins and make our garments white.

From all the above it is certain that the Bible support the use of white garments, all “Bible believing Churches” therefore must accept this fact; besides there is no reference in the Bible forbidding or condemning the use of white garments.
White garment as a uniform of worship engenders greater concentration in the house of the Lord, creates easier path to the Holy Spirit and fellowship during worship; it also indicates discipline towards holiness in our day-to-day activities.

To fellow white garments Christians, let your words and your deeds be as pure if not purer than the white garments you put on lest you emulate a sepulcher whose outer side is white but inner side is full of filth. By your white garment (outer wear) and your inner purity you will entice your friends and relations who will gladly join you in your house of worship; you would then advertently fulfill yet another injunction to preach the Gospel of Christ and make converts. Make disciples of all Nations.


The use of Candle is perhaps the most cruelly attack by our critics. They have gone as far as suggesting that the we worship candle or that we say that prayers cannot be answered without candles. This is not only misleading but outrageous. The time that could have been used in preaching the Gospel of Christ has been wasted criticising this practice among others. Happily, damaging as the attack may be it could not alter the Biblical truth, and the Bible is the only infallible judge and final authority on matter of doctrine.

The Lord Yaweh Himself gave Moses the pattern, plan and design of the Tabernacle, its finishing and the Ark. He gave instruction to make all after the pattern which was shown on the mountain. This connotes that pre-existence of all the Heavenly set up were shown like a picture to Moses to copy. In Exodus 25:31, 37, 40 the Candle was introduced and expressed as providing light, which symbolises Christ who is the light of the Church. Yaweh who revealed that to Moses want His Temple on Earth to be like His Temple in Heaven. That will has not changed.


The burning of incense like the use of candle has suffered the same faith in the mouth of attackers and like the candle, it was introduced by God Himself (Exodus 30:7-9, 34-38). The Lord also prescribed the type of incense that must be burnt in his temple before him. In Revelation prayers of Saints are linked to sweat incense to the Lord and mixed with the prayers of the Saints. (Rev 5:7; 8:3-5). If we pray and burn incense here as in Heaven where are we heretical! What is unbiblical or unscriptural in that? What should not be burnt before the Lord is strange incense.

The type offered in the India Temples or such as regarded unholy before the Lord. The Holy Angels invisible are present at our gathering; our sincere prayers mixed with sweet incense is food to them and go with it before the throne of God. Where the Holy ones are, in the power and Spirit of Christ, no demons can stay. This therefore is another revealed practice as it is in Heaven and this practice will continue in the millennial ( Mal 1:11).


Another practice which came to us through Revelation has also its root in the Bible. God is the foundation of spring of living water. Water is the symbol of the Holy Spirit life giving. In John 4:10 Jesus talks of living water and in verse 14 he says “But whosoever drinks of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst but the water that I shall give him shall in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life”. At the marriage in Cana Jesus invoked the name of God on the water by praying over it and the water turned to fresh wine to cater for the need of the people.

When we invoke the name of God and pray on any quantity of water with faith in Jesus Christ that water is blessed immediately with the virtue for divine healing or whatever the request may be. The prayer of Jesus changed the nature and natural use of water into wine. Our prayer of faith in Jesus over any quantity of water has the power to change its Spiritual power and use. Water is the symbol of the Holy Spirit (Rev 7:17).


The Apostle James writing ubder the power of the Holy Ghost to the scattered twelve tribes ( all People) of Israel wrote as in James 5:14-15. “Is any one of you sick? He should call the elders of the Church to pray over him and annoint him with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer offered in faith will make the person well. The Lord will raise him up and if he has sinned, he will be forgiven” See also James 5:16

Holy oil is another symbol of Holy Spirit with the power of sanctification, the use of which was introduced by God Himself (Exodus 30:22-33). The Apostles used it or at least approved of its use also for continuing in the practice of the Apostles apart from the fact that it was also revealed to the founder of Cherubim & Seraphim, St. Moses Orimolade! Certainly, we are not.


This is the symbol of Crowns for the victorious made “kings and Priests unto the Shepherd” so, cap is part of dressing of the anointed and ordained ministers or officers in the Church. Zech. 6:11; Rev. 4:10, Zech. 3:5; Lev. 16:4, Eze. 44:15-18; Lev. 8:9; Exo. 39:38-31. There are types of cap as there five types of crowns awaiting us in heaven.

Cap is worn by ordained ones on specific occassions, it may be worn in the Temple but should be removed when worshipping and praying. there is difference between praying, praising and worshipping. Explanation on that will come some time. It is rather unfortunate that this part of our dressing has been much abused in style and usage.

However, the above is the complete mode of dress spiritually revealed and prescribed for Cherubim and Seraphim. They add color and inspiration to our gathering and worshipping and reminds us of what we are and our goals. They give honor and Glory to God. No one will want to appear shabbily at a Banquet of the Head of State of a Nation or as a careless ruffian at society wedding. It is therefore necessary for us to appear with reverence, cleanliness and most pleasing before the most High. We are in every aspect being groomed for the hereafter. That is His revealed will.


Staff is a symbol of authority as given to Kings. In the Church, Staff are given to ordained officers. If you like, call them commissioned officers, denoting their rank office or position. It is proper to carry the staff with them when worshiping or praying. It has far reaching Spiritual meaning, like the staff of Moses, Aaron and the Prophets. It has a touch of God’s authority. for the faithful and righteous whatever touched by it is either blessed or cursed as the holder wills. Exodus 4:20, Exodus 14:15, 16, 21; Judges 6:20, 21; Exodus 7:10, Number 17:8. In the hand of the righteous, it is the rod of God. Psalm 2:9; Exodus 17:9


This is also part of the dress of the Saints. It signifies or symbolizes readiness and preparedness to serve before the Lord which must characterize the life of a true believer; complete devotion to God especially when before Him. This also is backed by the Bible. Mk. 1:16, Rev 1:13, Dan 10:5, Isaiah 11:5 (Yellow – Aladura 1927, Blue – Patriarch, Red – Michael Day 1927)


At the vision of burning bush Yahweh commanded Moses to remove his sandals because the land where he was standing, became Holy before the Lord. The idea was to honor and respect God. Moses then has to put on humility and sink his own pride and honor (Exodus 3:5). Also before the fall of Jericho, the angel of the Lord Saboath ordered Joshua to remove his sandals (Jos 5:15). This was also to give honor to whom is due. By removing our shoes in the house of God we shown practical display of respect to God and humility before him. We are not saying it has any effect on our prayer as such but it is a demonstration of what we believe is the relationship between us and God the low approaching the high, the son approaching the father with due regard not carelessly or insolently as some customs approve. God demands that he should be honored for His is honor and glory. He will honor those who honor Him (1st Samuel 2:30).